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Please enter all information on the form below, including your credit card number, and expiration date. Please enter the information EXACTLY as it appears on your credit card statement. Do not use any dashes or spaces. When entering your name, please use proper "case". Kindly refrain from using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or all lower case letters.

ICI has no monthly minimums, no subscription fees, and no carrying charges for use of our database systems and products. We will make available to you at no additional charge all search results for a period of five years from the date of order. All searches must be done in accordance with our Terms and Conditions as published: Terms

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Please note that we are required to validate all information provided and this is done using a combination of application information, credit card data, and other sources. Therefore, your credit card will be charged $50, which is credited to your account. As you conduct searches, the account is debited until it reaches zero. Additional searches are charged to your credit card as they are incurred. If you do not use the $50 within 60 days, the remainder is refunded and your account is closed.

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